Digital Mart is a digital product marketplace owned by Ritsam Ventures.   At Digital Mart, we provide the tools that enable you to buy or sell your digital or virtual products. Here, you can sell or buy all digital products such as eBooks, Audio files, Video files, Photos, Games, Software etc. You can also sell tangible products to be delivered after payment.

Every time you go through your old files, cupboards,  book shelves, PC or tablet, what do you see? Perhaps, you see some old Word or PDF files of your assignments, term papers or projects you did way back in school. However, we see opportunities to make money with those files.

To start making money selling your digital products, after creating your account, you add your products and start earning residual income day in day out! We’ll do the marketing to drive customers to buy your products.

You can also earn a living by selling your eBooks, photos, games, software or anything downloadable  on this portal. This is the best way to earn residual stream of income without doing anything afterward. Just submit your products once and keep earning. This is the best place to sell your digital products.

You don’t pay a dime to join. We’ll pay you 80% royalty for each product you sell. That is, every time your product is sold, we will give you 80% of the selling price.

Start making money now selling your digital products with three easy steps. You don’t have to be an Internet guru to be able to do these!

Step 1: Create an account. Select “I am a Vendor”

Step 2: Add your products.

Step 3: Withdraw your earnings.